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[ TUTORIAL ] Lighten

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-Cook: [madaka_hai_lynn
-Rec: [How to make a light base icon from a dark image?]
-Level out of 5: 
-Ingrediants (S): Adobe Photoshop .07

This tutorial is pretty simple for the one who's just starting to like and enjoy icon making, do this if you don't know where to start.
Know that this technique doesn't apply on dark images only, you can use it for light images too. But not TOO light, as they will "disappear" and not show clear to yourself and others. So, let's start.

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           From This                    To                         This              

Tutorial #01


[1] Open Adobe Photoshop 0.7, duh! And open a new document.
What's a document in PS7? - It's a new page, canvas that you can do yer graphic(s), drawings.. etc on. There are three types of contents: White (Which will show you a plain white canvas), Background color (Will show the color in your background palette that you have) and Transparent (Great for making GIFs)
Back to the document now, you can open a new one by pressing Ctrl+N together and choose to size the canvas 100x100. If you missed it make a new canvas or go to Image > Canvas Size... and a box will open, change the size to pixel and type the size in the typing bars.

[2] Now that we have a new document, get your image ready. I've got mine, it's Full Metal Panic, poor Sagara getting bashed by Chidori, hahahah!

[3] Right click the layer which the image's in, the layer box should be onto your left. 
When you right click on it, a box will appear. Click Duplicate Layer... 
Or just click Ctrl+J for a quicker way :P , can we get any more lazier!?
[4] Notice that there are now two layers of the first image layer. 
That's what Duplicating Layers does, genuiiis! Hahaha.
Click on the new/dublicated layer.
[5] For this part, you need to go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask...
 [6] A box will appear in the middle of the screen. 
Do the following numbers in the image below for starters, it's the random one when you open the box anyways.
Be sure to try on your own once you get and dig this tutorial. After all, discovering new things and goofing around in Photoshop
is so much fun, just make sure you aren't going to hurt it bad! xq


[7] Wooah! You can see the picture now, hehehe. Well, you should done now. You basically have a clear base. Of course, you can use the patterns provided by Photoshop 07 to enhanced it, cause it looks dull now, but will a little creativity you'll get there. :3

Take this pattern, so cute! Not mine, for PS07 xD

[8] See the layer box? Look at the top of it and you'll see this >>>> See it? Click the arrow and a scroll bar will show and click Overlay. ( \  @  3@ )/



There the end of making a clear base. 
Now, lemmi make more tutorials to texturize and make the icons more appealing. Hehehe.
Hope you enjoyed this, cause I did. :3


Comment if you have a question.



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